Log Homes in Victoria BC

by Geoff McLean on December 4, 2015

Vancouver Island is home to the mighty douglas fir, a tree that makes an excellent log for building custom homes. The reddish hues of this tree are beautiful but the straight grains, tight growth rings, and resistance to mold/fungus are the most prized attributes of this species of tree.
Example of Douglas FirLocal douglas fir logs are carefully selected from sustainable second-growth forestry areas on the island.

For a slightly higher cost, local BC grown Western Red Cedar can also be used. While not as ideal for beams and roof building due to softness, the color and texture of cedar makes it a popular choice of species for building log homes.
Example of Coastal Red CedarThe lighter weight, natural resistance to decay, and very low shrinkage of cedar is another perk for builders opting to use this beautiful log.

Custom Built Log Homes on Vancouver Island

Our selection of existing log homes on the island is a coveted resource and some property owners may find that building a custom log home on the island is a more frugal option. In fact there are multiple custom log home builders to choose from.

Norse Log Homes in Lantzville (between Nanaimo and Parksville) is a custom log home builder with a great reputation for delivering beautfully built log home packages.

EcoLog homes are modernization of the log home concept that initially originated in Ontario but quickly became popular enough to setup a manufacturing center on Vancouver Island.
EcoLog homeInstead of using a whole round log and carving custom grooves/slits for each timber, EcoLog homes are built from square timbers that allow more efficiency in the production and assembly which saves on both time & expense.

There are also multiple builders in BC that are able to deliver incredible custom log homes to Vancouver Island. One of the largest, Pioneer Log Homes of BC, is an internationally recognized builder of custom log homes and buildings. Based in Williams Lake BC, this company started off as a small family business in 1973 and has grown rapidly thanks to the remarkable work they deliver on each custom log building.
Pioneer Log HomeThis company clearly embraces the natural features of the logs right down to the flared trunks.

Log Home Listings in Victoria

Currently there are almost a dozen amazing log homes for sale in the Victoria/Vancouver Island area. We can’t feature them all but we have included some great examples of the log homes you can expect to find for sale around Victoria BC.

Becher Bay Sooke Log HomeThis relatively new (2010) East Sooke log home, which can be viewed at 415 Ocean Spring Terrace in Becher Bay, is currently listed for $1,890,000 and features 4 bathrooms, 5 bedrooms, with 4,502 finished sq. feet.

This area of Vancouver Island is incredibly scenic and is home to many local artists/craftsmen. With 6.87 acres to explore you might feel like there’s no reason to leave the property but you will be hard pressed to not take in the local culture, including the very popular Cheanuh Marina with 365 active berths.

East Sooke Log HomeLocated at 6201 Hensbro Place, the East Sooke log home pictured above, is a bargain at $625,000 list price! This custom built log home dates back to 1995 and comes with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and features 4,359 sq. feet of finished living space on a 2.47 acre lot.

With East Sooke sitting between both the township of Sooke and Colwood, there are many amenities to choose from and lots of options for shopping, dining, & entertainment.


Female Veterans of Canada

by Jodi Baker on November 10, 2015

Victoria BC is well known for having a largely female population, we recently mentioned that Victoria took the #1 spot nationwide for the title of ‘Best City in Canada for Women‘.

Female Canadian Veterans

While we identify with women living in Victoria, when it comes to Canadian veterans, even in this city, the stereotype is very male when in reality many women have served our country in the Canadian Armed Forces.

Looking back in Canadian Military history it’s notable that the first women to vote in a Canadian federal election, back in 1917, were the “Nursing Sisters” who were also nicknamed ‘bluebirds‘. One of the oldest Canadian taxi companies in Canada, BlueBird Cabs Ltd. (taxicab.com), was founded in Victoria BC in the 1940s and could easily be a nod to women veterans.

Canadian Women in the First World War

The bluebirds served in the First World War (1914-1918) which saw 3,141 women serving as nurses and over 2,500 Canadian women went overseas to support hospitals and medical units. Of these women at least 40 lost their lives while serving their country, most of which died in direct conflict with enemy soldiers during WWI.

The war efforts had a huge impact on women living in Canada due in large part to the shortage of male workers. Women found themselves taking on non-traditional gender biased roles like working in factories, offices, and farms.

World War Two and Canadian Soldiers

While officially limited to non-combat roles there were over 50,000 Canadian women enlisted in military service during the second World War. 4,480 women were part of the Nursing Sisters in WWII with the remainder mostly serving in the Army (21,000) or the Air Force (17,000). It wasn’t until 1942 that the Navy created the WRENS division (Women’s Royal Canadian Naval Service) in which over 7,000 women served.
Women Packing Parachutes for WW2Duties for female officers were varied and included many support services that were crucial to the war effort such as packing parachutes, operating radio/wireless terminals, taking photos, working as clerks, and many other miscellaneous roles.

Similar to WWI, the war effort in the Second World War had a notable impact on genders in the domestic workplace. Women found themselves working in many traditionally ‘male’ roles such as science, shipbuilding, munitions, and even forestry.

Female Lumberjills from WWIIWomen working in the forest industry were nicknamed ‘lumberjills‘ and they carried out all the same ‘lumberjack‘ tasks such as falling, skidding, and burling.

The Korean War

Over 5,000 women joined the Canadian Military in the 3 years from 1950-1953 during which Korea was at war. Although this war was gruesome, with outbreaks of infectious disease, there were no female casualties reported.

In this war the Nursing Sisters played a key role as attendants for air evacuation and providing initial health/mental care to freshly released Canadian POWs.

Modern Wars

Over time Canadian military leaders have recognized the value of women in the military and by the 1970s most branches of military were moving towards equal opportunities for both genders.

Still it wasn’t until the year 2000 that the Canadian Navy officially allowed women to serve in submarines, a role that would have historically been a serious concern for someone of the opposite sex.

Nichola GoddardIn fact the first female Canadian soldier to be killed in combat duty was Captain Nichola Goddard on May 17th 2006 while fighting in Afghanistan.

By 2011 female soldiers represented over 15% of the personnel in the Canadian Armed Forces! The ratio of female to male soldiers continues to become more neutral as opinions change and gender biases are forgotten.

Behind Every Great Soldier..

Even the women who didn’t serve in the wars still played a crucial part by volunteering to make warm clothing such as socks and gloves, that were then sent overseas to soldiers fighting on the front lines.

Male veterans might understand the role that women played during wartime but as a member of the general public I think we could easily do more to recognize the contributions of Canadian Female Veterans.

Female Soldier on Remembrance DayTomorrow the city of Victoria will be gathering in memory of those that have fallen and served in defense of our country. I know that I will be keeping an eye out for female officers but I will no longer be greeting them with a look of surprise/curiosity, I will smile with respect as I now fully understand the contributions they have made to the defence of our country, freedoms, gender equality, and our history.


Moving from Calgary to Victoria BC

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