Exploring Cordova Bay in 2015

by Geoff McLean on May 7, 2015

A few years ago (time flies!) we put out a nice little post on the East Saanich Neighborhood of Cordova Bay.
Cordova Bay SignThis is a historic community with a lot of retirement activities that neither needs major changes nor seeks to reinvent itself. It’s a very close knit residential community that is flush with groups and organizations caring for each other and the surrounding areas.

Perhaps one of the best views of Cordova Bay is from the top of Mt.Doug Park where panoramic images are very tempting:
Mt. Doug Park PanoramaWhile the image we used here is watermarked we really appreciate readers who engage and read our content so here’s a wallpaper size and a full-size version you can have without the watermark. Shh! Don’t tell the boss!

Cordova Bay gets along very well without a ton of updates and new additions but there’s still some winds of change in the sweet ocean breeze passing around this quaint neighborhood.

When a property is for sale in Cordova Bay it’s a delight because it’s almost certainly a high-value home, usually historic, that will almost sell itself based on location alone. Property listings in the area, like this one that’s currently for sale at 4755 Cordova Bay Rd., don’t linger for very long even with an appropriate luxury home price.

In fact the Victoria neighborhoods of Cordova Bay and Gordon Head were both recently highlighted as favored locations for international luxury property buyers this month by Mary Griffin.

Access and Amenities

Local markets offer fresh local vegetables, fruit, herbs, dairy, meat, and more! Even with the ocean breeze we can get some nice hot summers and taking a stroll through the markets is an excellent way to enjoy some shade while picking up some local goods.

The city of Victoria is just minutes away by car and the #32 bus runs through the the area regularly ensuring quick access to the city and other Vancouver Island destinations.

As we mentioned in our last post the area is popular with golfers and has 3 courses in the area that all have impressive features including a weather station right on one of the greens that is connected to The Weather Network.

The 90 year old McMorran’s restaurant was recently saved from potential disrepair by a local business woman, Kate Phoenix. This Cordova Bay landmark was famous for dinner, dancing, and live music that made it crucial to the community that grew up as patrons of the restaurant. Re-opened as the The Beach House Restaurant the establishment had some details carried over from the original building but until this month wasn’t allowed to have dancing. That’s changed now with a successful application for the allowance of dancing or “patron participation”. Cordova Bay residents should be able to once again enjoy dancing at this wonderful venue soon!

Buying a home in Cordova Bay

This historic area is a real estate gem and recent exposure to international markets will only drive that value higher. Buyers looking to purchase waterfront properties in Victoria should speak with a qualified real estate agent that knows the local bylaws, zoning, and can tackle all the tough questions that can come up when buying a home.

In Victoria there’s few people that have more experience, and proven results than the realty team at Geoff McLean and Associates. You can either read about buying a house online or contact them to speak to their professional real estate team.


Entertaining the Elderly in Victoria BC

by Jodi Baker on March 18, 2015

Victoria BC is an incredible city with a wealth of culture and history that isn’t easily matched or beaten. Not content with being named after our Queen, we’re the capital city of our province and home to BC’s legislature.

The downtown core is rich with Victorian buildings and architecture.
Waddington Alley Victoria BCSeveral days could be spent just browsing the downtown Victoria business area on foot, stopping for tea/coffee along the way to ensure small easy segments.

Victoria BC has so many wheelchair friendly parks and amenities that to try and discuss them all in one post would be far too much so I’ve picked a couple favourites that are sure to appeal to seniors and family.

Hatley Park – Royal Roads University

If you are a fan of the X-Men movies or Smallville/Gotham then you’ve seen parts of Hatley Castle and Royal Roads many times even if you didn’t know it.
Hatley Castle at Royal Roads UniversityThe woods at Royal Roads University are very beautiful and serene with 5 distinct gardens to visit.

There’s a dedicated guest parking space for school visitors, but you can also park down by the boathouse where the parking is not metered or restricted. This is a nice spot for a little picnic with stunning views of ocean on one side and the castle on the other, all of it flanked by a thick forest.

While visiting the university you will likely see swans and all other kinds of beautiful birds, since the campus sits above a federally-designated migratory bird sanctuary.

A small museum under the castle holds a mini-collection of historic items but RRU is not stuck in the past. This university is constantly adding new buildings/parking, so this campus legend is a nice reference to have.

Esquimalt Parks – Saxe Point Park and Macaulay Point

Saxe Point has a ton of picnic benches and a large, open, relatively flat field. This is a great spot for picnics and lazy sun soaking. Stunning views of the harbour and Port Angeles will be a memorable sight and is a draw for photographers.

Macaulay Point Park began as a Hudson Bay farm but later became part of Fort Macaulay, defending the island with historic gun emplacements that are still accessible to tourists. The collection of cement paths will ensure easy access and most of the park is wheelchair friendly.

As an old retired military base the structures around this area are fun to explore and photograph.
Fort Macaulay Gun Emplacement

The 7.6 hectare area has been a park since 1985 and is very popular with birdwatchers, hikers, and tourists. Macaulay Point is also home to some protected spaces for endangered plant species so visitors are required to keep pets on a leash and pay attention to signs.

The historic feel imparted by the various lookouts, ramparts, and bunkers is complemented by incredible views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca including the Fisgard Point Lighthouse.
Fisgard Lighthouse at Macaulay Point

Macaulay Point can be accessed from Fleming Beach, as well as from Clifton Terrace off Munro Street.

Sidney by the Sea

The entire town of Sidney seems set up for seniors and the elderly. Benches and seating is sprinkled everywhere in the center of town. There’s small cafes, nice restaurants, unique bakeries, tons of shopping, and an incredible, huge waterfront.

The beaches are mostly designated as public parks and Lochside Drive is often bordered on the ocean side with local driftwood art.
Sidney-by-the-seaSidney isn’t all parks and beaches, there are some very impressive wineries in the area and most have tours, wine tastings, and special events that are worth signing up for. One of the closest wineries to the city, Church & State, is a 4 time winner of ‘Best Red Wine of the Year’ in the All-Canadian Wine Championships, among many other awards that help bring Sidney both national and international acclaim.

Sidney is also host to multiple ferry docks with the main BC Ferries dock, smaller commercial docks, and the Brentwood Bay ferry dock which is a nice shortcut for travelling north towards Duncan, Nanaimo, and Courtenay.

Don’t just visit, Move to Victoria!

The reasons for visiting Victoria are clearly appealing for locals and tourists. Victoria boasts a thriving retirement community with a wide selection of health care facilities, care homes, and entertainment options.

It’s been over 4 years since the poll, but BMO’s Retirement Institute did a survey of over 800 Canadians over 45 and found that 85% of intend to stay in Canada in their retirement years — and 15% of all baby boomers intend to retire in Victoria!

If you are looking for real estate in Victoria BC the experts at Geoff McLean and Associates have both the experience and knowledge to quickly answer questions about properties for sale.


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