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Victoria’s New Marine Training Centre at Camosun College

The provincial government has just announced that it will provide funding to build a new marine training centre at Camosun College in Victoria.  The training centre will offer skills training for those new to marine trades, upgrades for tradespeople moving into marine work and a supervisory training program for workers with experience.

Camosun College already offers a nautical training program, which is designed to prepare students for a career at sea.  Courses range from Basic Safety Training to long duration courses leading to a Certificate of Competency as Master or Mate, issued by Transport Canada, Marine Safety Branch.

The new marine training program is part of the provincial governments’ strategy to bring to BC some of the billions in federal money that will be spent on shipbuilding.  The federal government is tendering two shipbuilding contracts, collectively worth as much as $35 billion, and Seaspan, owner of Victoria shipyards, is competing against shipyards in Quebec, Ontario and Nova Scotia.

The provincial government has promised that the marine training program will go ahead regardless of whether Seaspan wins a contract. Historically, shipbuilding has been an important part of Victoria’s economy and a new training facility will help us keep up with advances in the industry and produce people who are trained in modern techniques.

This initiative will be, when it’s completed, just one of many post-secondary education options offered in Victoria.  Whether you are looking to further your education in trades, academics, technologies, the arts, or numerous other industries you will find the opportunities offered to people who are living in Victoria are diverse.

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