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New 2022 BC Transit Rider’s Guide: Effective from Sept 5th – Jan 1st

The latest 2022 BC Transit Rider's Guide for Victoria is now in effect (from Sept 5th 2022 to Jan 1st 2023) along with some seasonal changes.
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HAVN Floating Waterfront Recreational Facility

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Read our take on HAVN - a floating recreational facility featuring cold water tubs & saunas which developers propose to moor at the seaplane docks, taking advantage of all the traffic reaching the inner harbour of Victoria BC.

Female Veterans of Canada

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Victoria BC is well known for having a largely female population, we recently mentioned that Victoria took the #1 spot nationwide for the title of 'Best City in Canada for Women'. Female Canadian Veterans While we identify with women living…

Economic Analysis of BC – August 2015

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Our friends over at Central1 Credit Union have posted an updated Economic Analysis of British Columbia report for August 2015. The full report is available in PDF format for easy printing/review: Economic Analysis of British Columbia - Volume…

Victoria: Best City in Canada for Women

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Canada is often regarded as one of the best countries in the world for outstanding natural beauty, quality of living, career opportunities, and many more reasons. This week, on the 16th on July, Kate McInturff, a senior researcher at the Canadian…

Early Summer Events in Victoria for 2015

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Living in Victoria can be very distracting during the summer months because there's just so much going on. Even when the weather is wet we tend to find plenty of activities or just ignore it with some rain gear. Early Summer Events June 17-21:…

Victoria BC – One of the Friendliest Cities in the World!

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If you’re considering moving to Victoria BC, here’s some interesting news for you.  Victoria BC was voted one of the friendliest cities in the world in 2014 by Conde Nast Traveler readers.  In fact, of the top ten (or eleven actually,…

Local Economy Snapshot – Victoria’s Tech, Education and Marine Sectors

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The report in the March edition of the Victoria Chamber of Commerce publication ‘Business Matters’ included an analysis of the technology and manufacturing, education and marine/shipbuilding sectors. Technology and Manufacturing in Victoria…

Local Economy Snapshot – Victoria’s Tourism and Retail Sectors

A report in the March edition of the Victoria Chamber of Commerce publication ‘Business Matters’ takes the pulse of several major local economic sectors.  Here is a synopsis of the information about Victoria’s tourism and retail sectors…

Victoria News – City of Victoria supports community orchards

See on Scoop.it - Living in Victoria BC Fernwood and Vic West neighbourhoods chosen for pilot tree projectGeoff McLean's insight:Here's an interesting initiative!  Community orchards can enrich the lives of people who are living in Victoria…