Municipality of View Royal: Neighbourhoods, Schools & More

View Royal town hall

The View Royal municipality is one of Victoria’s smallest by population. Its commercial and residential area is also some of the smallest, as Thetis Lake Park fills up most of the space within the municipality borders. The Trans Canada Highway cuts through the heart of View Royal, placing it in the middle of the Langford to Victoria commute.

The municipality shares a border with Esquimalt to the south, Saanich to the east, Colwood to the south and Langford to the West. Thanks to the highway and its central location, View Royal residents enjoy a short commute to town and the ability to easily reach some of Victoria’s largest municipalities – Langford and Saanich.

Map of View Royal

View Royal is surrounded by nature, home to Thetis Lake Park – one of the largest in the Capital Regional District, along with many smaller parks. There’s also plenty of  access points to the ocean and Gorge Waterway, as much of the southern border is a coastline. If you enjoy the outdoors, View Royal is an excellent place to be.

View Royal is also home to the Victoria General Hospital, one of two main hospitals in the city, Victoria’s only casino, and the old Six Mile Pub.

Vic Gen hospital

View Royal by the Numbers

  • The population of View Royal is 11,575, which experienced 11.2% growth from 2016-2021
    • 2,415 people (20.1%) are age 65+
  • Population of 807 per square kilometer
  • Of the 4,195 total private dwellings, 1,770 are single homes while the rest are multi-unit
    • 1,600 are renters
  • Median household income in 2020 was $98,000

Neighbourhoods of View Royal

beachfront in View Royal

Being quite a small municipality with most land taken up by parkland, there aren’t many distinguishable neighbourhoods in View Royal.

With that being said, many would call the southern part of View Royal the neighbourhood of Shoreline. Six Mile is another commonly used term for the western area of the municipality around the pub. There’s also the Fort Victoria RV park near the View Royal Fire Department, which is home to 300 full-hookup sites.

Despite its lack of neighbourhoods, the municipality of View Royal has organized the area into 8 precincts based off topography, transportation corridors and natural environment, which could be thought of as neighbourhoods:

  • Atkins
  • Burnside
  • Craigflower
  • Harbour
  • Helmcken
  • Hospital
  • Thetis
  • Wilfert

Thetis Lake

Schools in View Royal

Being the small municipality it is, View Royal is not home to many schools. However there are options, and if you’d like more choice there are plenty in the surrounding municipalities of Langford, Saanich and Esquimalt.

For younger children, the municipality has View Royal Elementary to the south and Eagle View Elementary to the northeast. The only option for older children is Shoreline Middle School, located near the southern border of the municipality. If you head just slightly east, students have the option of Colquitz Middle School and Spectrum Community School (the closest high school).

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