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Affordable Homes in Victoria BC for First Time Buyers

Buying a house in Victoria BC means getting into one of the most desirable real estate markets across Canada and first time home buyers often wonder where they can find affordable homes in Victoria.  First time buyer expert: Jodi Baker can advise you on which municipalities in the Capital Regional District offer housing options that may suit your needs (and budget).

Although Victoria real estate has a reputation of being expensive, the entire Greater Victoria area offers a wide range of housing options and a correspondingly wide range of prices, so with the help of an experienced realtor you can find just the right type of home at just the right price.

Of course, as with any city, the further you go from town the better your chances of finding affordable homes.

Arguably the most remote of Victoria’s municipalities, Sooke has much to offer first time buyers.  MLS statistics for Sooke (2012) show the lowest average price for single family dwellings of all municipalities in a thriving rural community with a lively arts scene.

MLS stats for Highlands demonstrate the rural nature of this community; with no sales of condos, townhomes or manufactured homes in the past year (because there ARE few or none in these categories), and only a 15 or 20 minute commute to downtown Victoria.

If you investigate MLS statistics for Colwood you’ll see the lowest median prices for Condos, and Langford’s stats are very similar.  Both these municipalities are popular with first time buyers due to relatively low housing costs and proximity to Victoria.

Saanich MLS statistics show that the largest municipality in the Greater Victoria area offers diverse well-priced housing options including single family homes, condos and townhomes .

Other municipalities worth taking a look at for reasonably priced condos and townhomes are View Royal and Esquimalt, MLS statistics show, and these two are right next door to the city!

Central Saanich occupies the middle of the Saanich Penisula, and the middle ground in housing prices too!

Just for comparison, check out MLS statistics for Victoria, Oak Bay, Metchosin, North Saanich and Sidney.  These very desirable communities might not be within reach of most first time buyers, but you never know where you’ll find affordable homes in Victoria BC .

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