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Summer Programs and Camps for Children in Victoria BC

As the end of the school year approaches, many parents begin to wonder what they’ll do with the kids this summer.  Here is some information about summer programs and camps for children in Victoria BC.

The selection of summer programs and camps in the Greater Victoria area is nothing short of mind-boggling, there is surely something to entice each one of your children.  Whether your kids are:

  • Sports-minded;
  • Prefer arts and crafts;
  • Are genuinely curious about science;
  • Are mad about horses, or
  • Want to achieve certification of some sort

You will find no shortage of interesting activities for them, in fact, the difficulty may well lie in choosing which programs to enroll in!

One excellent resource to help you begin your search is a website – ChildsPlay 101.  Billed as ‘the ultimate resource for kids activities in Victoria BC and beyond’, here you can get information about more than 4500 activities, camps, lessons, and programs for children ages 5 to 15.  The site offers a vast range of year-round activities, to keep you (and your children) busy even beyond the summer months.

Many local parks and recreation centres offer day camps, some of which focus on arts and crafts, others on sports and fun physical activities.  Many of these can provide summer daycare for working parents.

There are also a number of multi-day summer camp options in and around the Greater Victoria area.  There are camps for children, parent/child camps, even organized family camps.

For the focused athlete, there are a number of high level sport camps that will help your child bring their game – whatever it may be – to the next level.

The arts are well represented in local summer programs, your children might like to participate in theatre, music, dance, photography, or another form of artistic endeavour.

Many children will opt to gain certifications that can help them in the future.  There are babysitting courses, several levels of first aid,  lifeguard courses (and their prerequisites), foodsafe, leadership and resume preparation, for those about to enter the workforce.

Science and technology camps are increasingly popular, and there are several options for the child who expresses an interest in learning about new technologies or developing their scientific IQ.



For kids interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), there’s an excellent camp option coming to the Island in 2024. STEM Camp is a not-for-profit summer camp with 54 locations across Ontario, and they’ve got plans to expand with two Vancouver Island locations in 2024 – one in Victoria and one in Sidney.

The Sidney location is opening at St. Paul’s United Church, at 2410 Malaview Avenue in Sidney. The Victoria location is opening at Cornerstone Pentecostal Church, at 4274 Wilkinson Road in Victoria.

At STEM Camp, kids will be inspired by the world Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics by taking part in hands-on activities, fun experiences and engaging programming that encourages a sense of wonder. Children are introduced to STEM in a way that promotes discovery and curiosity, while leaving them with a sense of accomplishment.

STEM Camp runs for 8 weeks, from July 2 through to Aug 23, 2024. There will be four themes in July (Superheroes, Minecraft: Crafters, Minecraft: Creators, Minions) that repeat in August. Kids will get to participate in fun field trips, while outreach groups and guests will visit STEM Camp to lead workshops.

STEM Camp has had and inspired 50,000 kids aged 5-13 since starting up in 2013. Registration opens on January 3rd, 2024, so be sure to mark your calendars and head to their website to register: STEM Camp.


There are simply so many different activities, summer programs and camps for children in Victoria BC that parents should never have to hear that annoying summer complaint – “I’m bored”.

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