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June Events in Victoria BC | Esquimalt’s Buccaneer Days

It’s June – time for Buccaneer Days in Esquimalt!  This unique community event owes its theme to the naval tradition of Esquimalt, one of the oldest municipalities in Victoria BC.  Buccaneer Days has been a fun-filled family tradition with folks who are living in Victoria for over 60 years.

One charming tradition of Buccaneer Days is the Wakey-Wakey van – a vehicle equipped with loudspeakers which travels throughout Esquimalt on Saturday morning calling Wakey-Wakey to rouse the citizens and call them to the celebration.

This year Buccaneer Days falls on June 7-9 and, as usual, it’s packed with participatory events, including:

  • Lion’s club Pancake breakfast;
  • A fun run;
  • The Buccaneer Parade;
  • Races for children and families;
  • A free pirate movie, this year it’s ‘The Pirates! Band of Misfits’;
  • A community dance featuring Rock Steady and The Push Band;
  • Rugby and tyke lacrosse tournaments, and a
  • Pie plate/skydiving contest!

There is also a midway, arts and crafts show, bake sale, plant sale and model train demos.

The pirate theme extends beyond parade entries and event participants, with many locals donning their best swashbuckling gear to stroll the streets which echo with Aaaargh, matey and other pirate expressions.  There’s nothing like a little silliness to bring folks together and build community! Esquimalt invites folks from all Victoria’s neighboring municipalities to Archie Browning Sports Centre to enjoy Buccaneer Days.

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