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May Events in Victoria BC | The Victoria Day Parade

Oh my, what a stretch of stunning weather we have had this month!  With record breaking high temperatures we have leapt from spring into summer and folks who are living in Victoria BC are getting out and taking advantage of it.  The city is gearing up for the parade of outdoor events that we enjoy each summer (actually we enjoy outdoor events pretty much year round due to the temperate climate) kicked off by… a parade!  The 115th consecutive Victoria Day parade, sponsored by Island Farms, will wind its joyous trail through downtown Victoria on May 20, 2013.

As a child I always thought that the holiday and the parade were some sort of special city holiday, rather than a celebration of Queen Victoria’s birthday.  I now know better, but still choose to view it as an extra special day for our fair city; after all, we were named for the monarch whose birthday has provided us this holiday.

The Victoria Day parade is the largest parade event in the city, featuring multiple marching bands, elaborate floats, friendly clowns (really kids, they ARE friendly!) and many other entertaining participants.  It is expected to take around three hours to pass so wear your most comfortable shoes!

The parade begins at Mayfair Mall, leaving at 9:00am and travels down Douglas Street, ending at the intersection of Douglas and Humboldt.  Early arrival will help you snag a coveted curbside spot where you can enjoy a great view of the Victoria Day Parade.  Hope the weather holds!

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