Cost of Living in Victoria BC

Victoria is rumoured to be an expensive place to live, but, as with most rumours, that is only partially true.  Compared to many other Canadian cities, and certainly in relation to rural Canada, Victoria is expensive.  But if you make global comparisons to cities with comparable climate and amenities, living in Victoria is not expensive relative to it’s desirability.

The 6th Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey (2010) ranks Victoria highly on the table of severely unaffordable housing markets at 8th from the top.  Interestingly, Vancouver sits at the top of this list!  This international survey compares only Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, The UK, and The US, so it’s not particularly comprehensive.

“Most people from the UK and Europe find the cost of living in Canada is significantly lower than their home country.” according to the website Living in Canada.  Power and fuel are cheaper, basic costs for goods are lower, and of course our health services are largely covered.

If you balance the higher house prices in Victoria against the lower home heating costs (compared with the rest of the country), opportunities for education and employment, and overall quality of life, you will begin to understand why our property values are high, and expected to continue to be stable for the forseeable future.

Another measure of the cost of living; the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Victoria in 2009 was significantly lower than the national average.  Check the Statistics Canada site for more info.

The cost of living in Victoria (housing aside) compares favourably with the rest of Canada, and if you take a global view Victoria is a highly desirable place to live, with a very reasonable cost of living.

Jodi Baker

After attending grade school locally, Jodi enrolled at Camosun College, taking Business Administration and majoring in marketing. She graduated in 1991, the same year she was licensed as a Real Estate Agent and joined RE/MAX Camosun. Since then Jodi has been been building her career based on a desire to provide friendly professional service to people who want to sell or buy properties in Victoria, winning several awards along the way. In 2003 Jodi joined Geoff McLean and Associates, and she enjoys being part of his team of real estate experts. The team approach allows Jodi to balance her career and home life, something that every mother can appreciate, especially when the children are young! Jodi also enjoys cooking, camping, traveling and music. She shares her Central Saanich home with her husband and two children, two border collies and a cat. Connect with Jodi via email:

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  1. jasmail
    jasmail says:

    hi I was wanting to get some of your help. I recently got a job offer to move to Victoria. I currently live in Surrey BC. I was wanting to know if you can help me in regards to the cost of buying a 2 bed condo min 1000 sq feet or close to this figure. I also wanted to know if things in victoria are expensive ie gas, food, ult ect. can you maybe share some information with me. The offer i got is paying in the 60k range.

  2. admin
    admin says:

    Hi Jasmail,

    You will find that most expenses (food, utilities, services) are about the same as they are in Surrey. Gas is often a little cheaper here though, you pay more in gas taxes than we do. Please contact our real estate office for more information about buying a place, we are happy to answer all your questions so that you can make a decision about your job offer!

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