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Living in Victoria

I know you’ve heard umpteen times how lovely the weather is in Victoria, how mild the winters (snowfall being scarce enough that Victoria’s motorists are notorious for poor snow driving skills!), how comfortable the summers (warm but seldom hot or humid), and how spring and fall seem to last forever.

All this loveliness has at least one side effect – Victorians are fit and active! We enjoy the fact that we can pursue our favourite outdoor activities pretty much 365 days a year. The Greater Victoria area is riddled with parks and trail systems, for those who like walking and hiking, and there are upwards of twenty local golf courses.

Of course, this is an island, so there’s water, and that means – boating! Whether you prefer sailing, cruising, canoeing or kayaking, fishing, scuba diving, waterskiing, wakeboarding, even parasailing, you will be able to find a community of like-minded water sport enthusiasts here.

A quick trip up-island will bring you to Mt. Washington for some world class skiing, both downhill and cross-country. This resort often receives incredible amounts of snow, and in 2010 hosted several Olympic teams who trained there in preparation for the Olympic Games in Whistler and Vancouver. Too bad they couldn’t hold the competition here; Mt. Washington had more snow than any ski resort in the world in 2010!

If you are looking to play organised sport, Victoria offers a full slate of sports leagues for adults and children, recreational and high performance, there is a team for everyone!

Not everyone is sports minded, some folks prefer their recreation revolve around the arts, music and cultural events, and Victoria is rich in these activities too. Over time Victoria has welcomed people from all over the globe who have relocated here and brought with them their cherished traditions, foods, artistic flair and music. There are numerous festivals and celebrations throughout the year that allow us all to experience a taste of other cultures, and we are all the richer for it.

If you are able to join us, here in this corner of the earth that we feel is pretty special, you will be welcomed. Please call me – (250) 984-8377 with any questions you have about living in Victoria.

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