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Public Transit in Victoria BC

People who are moving to Victoria BC have many questions and much to learn about the city, and one common query is about public transit in Victoria.  The Greater Victoria region is not geographically large, confined as it is to the southernmost tip of Vancouver Island, and our public transit system services the area by bus.

The Victoria Regional Transit System is a division of BC Transit and everything you need to know about using the system can be found on the Victoria Regional Transit System website.  You can find out about routes, fares, schedules and more to equip you for travelling throughout the Greater Victoria area.

If you aren’t familiar with Victoria and are trying to decide in which area you want to rent or buy a home it’s wise to investigate bus services, especially if you will need to commute any distance for school or work and prefer to use public transit rather than drive.  Then you can make a decision about where to live armed with some knowledge about how long it’s likely to take to get where you need to go!

Of course you aren’t limited to driving or taking the bus, Victoria boasts an extensive regional trail system for those who want to bike or walk.  You can learn about these trails at the CRD Regional Trails webpage, where you’ll find info and links to maps of our local trails.

One of the charms of living in Victoria is the fact that the geographical limitations (go too far in any direction and you’re going to get wet!) keep everything close.  Commute may be a dirty word in some cities, where it can mean a long drive or train ride twice every work day, but not here!  Commutes are generally short and bus service in Victoria is comprehensive, providing excellent public transit for residents.

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