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Summer Certification Programs and Camps for Children in Victoria BC

To conclude this series, aimed at helping you figure out what you can do with your children over the summer school break, let’s investigate summer certification programs and camps for children in Victoria BC.  These are programs that will provide some type of official certification that may help your child find future employment or serve as a stepping stone to higher achievements.

There are a number of programs in or near Victoria BC offering a variety of skills training that culminate in certification at various age groups and levels, including:

  • The Boys and Girls Club of Victoriaoffers leadership camps for teens aged 13-16 where children can achieve the following certifications:
    • RCABC Lake Water Canoeing level 1 (basic Tandem)
    •  Lifesaving Society Bronze Star
    • RCABC Lakewater Canoeing level 2 (basic solo)
    •  Lifesaving Society Bronze Medallion
    • The Oak Bay Recreation Centrepresents Extreme Certification Week – a program where ambitious teens have the opportunity to achieve certifications in:
      • World Host
      • Food Safe, and
      • Emergency first aid
      • The Crystal Pool will operate several two day programs for children aged 12-15 who want to achieve Standard First Aid certification, contact them for dates and to register.
      • Panorama Recreation is offering CPR Level C Certification and Recertification at Greenglade Community Centre in Sidney for 12-16 year olds.
      • For the aspiring babysitter, there’s Red Cross Babysitting Training for 9-14 year olds at Windsor Pavilion.  You can register for this program at Oak Bay Recreation.

With some practical learning like this your children may be able to find some employment, if not this summer, maybe next year!  At least they will have the satisfaction of achievement if they attend one of these summer certification programs and camps for children in Victoria BC.

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