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West Coast Home

As a result of having largely above ground basements, many West Coast homes in Greater Victoria are designed with the main living areas on their upper floor(s). This also helps us take advantage of any available views, after all, there is water all around us, and mountains too!

Even if you haven’t distant views of the spectacular kind, this city looks pretty good up close, almost everywhere you turn you will find beautiful gardens. The City of Victoria and neighboring municipalities maintain a superb level of natural beauty from the flowering trees in the spring, summer plantings of colourful annuals and blooming shrubs (even roses!) on the roadsides and medians, even flowers planted to bloom in the winter.

Of course if you purchase a home in one of the many rural areas around Victoria, you can count on some beautiful pastoral views. You can also count on that lovely ultra-green patch of lawn that grows on your septic field – because chances are you won’t have a sewer hookup. You may also need to arrange your garbage pickup with a private company, not all areas provide this service automatically with your property taxes.

If you are looking to buy a rural property you may also find that water is supplied by a well, and although water quality is generally very good, you will want to inquire about how reliable the source is in a dry summer. Conservation may be important, and forewarned is forarmed!

Rural living in Victoria is pretty sweet though, don’t let these obstacles prevent you from buying a home in the country – you just need to know what to look for. And ask an expert.

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