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Capital Regional District (CRD)

Greater Victoria encompasses some 13 municipalities and 3 outlying electoral areas, united by a regional governing body – The Capital Regional District. The function of the CRD is to provide regional governance and services, create partnerships between municipalities, and serve as local government for the electoral areas. The focus is to ensure the entire region can benefit from economies of scale and eliminate duplication of effort on common needs.

The services the CRD provides include regional parks management, regional planning, waste management (including recycling), and emergency services. In some municipalities you may find services (such as garbage and recycling pickup) provided by the CRD, the municipality, or private companies. When you move into a neighborhood, be sure to inquire about provision of these services.

The largely underdeveloped electoral areas are governed by the CRD, as they haven’t yet established their own governing bodies. For these areas the CRD provides the governance and services normally found in a municipality or town.

Initially formed in 1966, the CRD has evolved and grown into an entity that today, is a vital contributor to the ambience of life in Greater Victoria. Without its overarching influence, this area may have experienced piecemeal development and planning that may have resulted in a less than harmonious regional atmosphere.

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