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Microsoft in Victoria BC

Microsoft has just announced the opening of a new gaming studio in Victoria in early 2012.  It seems that everyone likes the idea of moving to Victoria BC and why wouldn’t they?  The climate, short commutes and reasonable real estate prices vaulted our fair city over Vancouver as the best choice for this new facility.

Of course, it didn’t hurt the selection process at all that Don Mattrick, the head of Microsoft’s gaming division and former president of Electronic Arts, lives in Oak Bay.

The new facility, called Microsoft Studios Victoria, will be located in former government offices on the top floor of the Dogwood Building at 1019 Wharf St. The site is presently undergoing renovations and will feature an open design with a rooftop garden.  The downtown waterfront location was selected for accessibility to seaplanes and ferries to Seattle.

The technical director of the project Chris Robertson says that Victoria was an easy choice because of its livability, proximity to Microsoft in Redmond Washington, and oh yeah, he lives here too!

This is yet another example of the burgeoning tech sector in Victoria continuing to attract business to the city because we possess the infrastructure that they need and a lifestyle that allows companies like Microsoft to attract the best and brightest minds.  After all, you don’t hear anyone complaining about moving to Victoria BC!

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