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Moving to Victoria BC for Family

While perhaps not the most common reason for moving, moving to Victoria BC for family unity is certainly motivation for some.  Or at least it can be cause to consider moving here, along with the desire to live in this beautiful city which provides so many other incentives for relocation.

The story often goes something like this…While on holiday, George and Mabel from Regina fall in love with Victoria (of course they would, they came in February to escape winter and spent their time playing golf and enjoying the flowers) and decide to move here after retirement.

So they move to Victoria and settle down to enjoy their new home.  When the children come to visit, grandkids in tow, they realize how much they miss living near Mom and Dad (free babysitting services, Sunday family dinners and all) so they begin a conversation about moving to Victoria themselves.

A little research shows them that it’s certainly feasible; there are job opportunities, plenty of options in housing, all the amenities a busy family could possibly want, and of course the climate is lovely!

A slow family exodus begins, and several siblings end up moving to Victoria BC for family unity, among other reasons.  This is not just a tale I’ve spun, I actually know people with stories very similar to this (names have been changed to protect the innocent).  What are your reasons for moving to Victoria?

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