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Moving to Victoria BC for Work

Victoria is the capital city of British Columbia and a vibrant, growing city teeming with opportunities.  The thriving economy attracts many people who are moving to Victoria BC for work.

One of the big employment sectors in Victoria is the tourism industry.  As a popular destination with people from all over the world, there are plenty of jobs, including many entrance level positions at hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions and service industries related to tourism.

Being the seat of provincial government, Victoria benefits from a myriad of diverse employment opportunities related to government, including provincial government employees, service providers and consultants.

Investment has been made in providing infrastructure that has encouraged a boom in the local tech sector, and this is only expected to continue to grow and develop further and provide more well-paid jobs for people who are living in Victoria.

Of course the popularity of Victoria as a nice place to live and work means a solid construction industry as the city expands and grows, which also leads to a need for more professionals of all sorts, services of every kind, and in short – more jobs.  And that means more people moving to Victoria BC for work!

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