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Tim Hortons Near CFB Esquimalt

Here’s some critically important information for military personnel who are newly transferred to CFB Esquimalt in Victoria BC.  Heck, this is important to anyone who is moving to Victoria!  I mean really, on your first day in a new city what do you need? Coffee!  And since you’re Canadian, you probably need Tim Hortons coffee.

You will be spared the onerous task of locating your coffee maker amongst the boxes stacked to the ceiling in your PMQ (or new home) or rushing off to buy some food for breakfast when you stop by the nearest Tim Hortons for a double double and a reasonably priced meal.

The Canadian institution known fondly as Timmy’s is ubiquitous across this great nation and for those in the military who transfer to CFB Esquimalt you will be happy to learn that Esquimalt and the entire Greater Victoria area has no shortage of Tim Hortons restaurants.

The Township of Esquimalt has three Tim Hortons, located at:

  • 1258 Esquimalt Rd.
  • 880 Esquimalt Rd., and
  • 955 Craigflower Rd

Across the entire Greater Victoria there are a staggering 37 Tim Hortons restaurants (according to so you should never have to go without a great cup of coffee, no matter where in the Capital Regional District you are.

Welcome to Living in Victoria, BC!

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