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Outdoor Activities | Wilderness Activities near Victoria BC

Beyond camping and hiking, there are a number of outdoor wilderness activities that people who are living in Victoria participate in.  Some may class these as outdoor sports, but frequently these are somewhat less organized, occasionally dangerous, and always a ton of fun!

Mountain biking is hugely popular, and during the summer months Mt Washington offers lift-accessed mountain biking with uncomparable views and amazing terrain.  Several races and events are hosted by Mt. Washington andyou can learn more about the Bike Park here.Another great site to find out about mountain biking locations and events is Vancouver Island Mountain Biking.

For those who lack the claustrophobia gene, caving, or spelunking is an exciting wilderness activity.  Exploring the dark underworld can be a fascinating pastime, and there are numerous sites to discover close to Victoria.  The Vancouver Island Cave Exploration Group has been around (and underground) since 1962, and their site offers tips for beginners as well as contacts so you can meet like-minded adventure seekers.

If you prefer to do your rock climbing in the daylight, check out’s British Columbia page, which has links to Vancouver Island North routes, and V.I. South routes, 749 in total!

Orienteering is a fast-growing outdoor activity in which orienteers use an accurate, detailed map and a compass to find points in the landscape. It can be enjoyed as a walk in the woods or as a competitive sport.  Victoria boasts its own association, the Victoria Orienteering Club. This group offers organized events from January through November.

During the winter months, you can usually find excellent ski conditions on the island.  Mt. Washington Alpine Resort often has the deepest snowpack in North America, and there is a vast amount of terrain available for both downhill and cross country skiing.  Mt. Cain is a smaller, community run, family oriented venue where you’ll find deep powder, 21 runs, and 1499 vertical feet of terrain.

However you like to get your kicks in the great outdoors, you can probably find a group of like-minded individuals who share your passion in or near Victoria.  Outdoor activities of the wilderness kind are popular with those who are living in Victoria.

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