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Greater Victoria – Victoria

Many years ago Victoria was known as the city of the newly wed and the nearly dead; a reference to the many young families and retired people who were living here.  The young families were just a demographics thing – the young baby boomers and their children, and the retired folks from across Canada seeking a milder climate in which to enjoy their twilight years.

Nowadays it might be said that Victoria is a city for all; young people and old, people from all over the world that have discovered this beautiful, friendly city.

The faces of Victoria today reveal a global culture, but in large part the architecture of Victoria still reflects a British tradition.  This is manifest in many downtown heritage buildings, as well as the residences of Victoria’s neighborhoods.

Downtown heritage buildings are frequently being converted into stylish loft apartments, very popular with those who are looking for that “heart of the city” lifestyle.  This is living lightly on the earth – basically recycling a building, and because of proximity to amenities, people living in these buildings don’t need to own and maintain a car.

People who want a little more peace and quiet but still want to be close to the city can look at homes in the surrounding neighborhoods.  Big, rambling family homes with huge covered front porches on generous, tree lined lots are common.  Many of these older homes have already been renovated and updated to today’s standards with double paned windows, improved insulation, electrical and plumbing, but for those who are looking for a project, you can always find one that needs these updates.

If you prefer, there are always new homes to be found, on infill lots or where an old building was just too far gone to be worth saving.  Regardless of the type of home you are looking for, you are bound to find choices within the city of Victoria.

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