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Greater Victoria – Victoria

The benefits of living in Victoria are innumerable, but an outline of them would have to include these facts, Victoria has:

  • The best climate in Canada;
  • Clean air and water;
  • Beautiful gardens and natural surroundings;
  • Easy access to all sorts of outdoor activities (and the weather to enjoy them year round);
  • A good education system including opportunities for post secondary education;
  • A vital job market with employment opportunities across a wide range of fields;
  • A thriving arts community;
  • A high level of environmental awareness and initiatives to promote sustainable living;
  • Access to healthcare options including critical care, long term and treatment centres, and
  • A varied population who live together peacefully!

Why wouldn’t you want to live here?  Considering all these benefits you might think that the cost of buying a home here is beyond your reach, but it’s not.  Victoria real estate is remarkably well priced if you compare it globally to cities with similar climate and amenities.

How long will this continue?  It’s hard to say, with our world shrinking as technology continues to bring us all together, will the positive attributes of the city of Victoria attract so many people that it will become a more exclusive, expensive place?  So far the city’s growth has been steady but manageable, property values have increased steadily but aren’t stratospheric – yet.

Maybe you should consider the long term benefits of living in Victoria!

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