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There’s more than one way to get back to the land, maybe gardening and animal husbandry aren’t your thing. There are many other opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors in Metchosin, check out the local golf courses, or sports facilites like the Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre, an amazing 108 acres offering just about any sport or fitness activity you can imagine. There are many bridle trails meandering across the municipality and at the municipal grounds a riding ring which is maintained for public and scheduled use by the Metchosin Equestrian Society.

Metchosin boasts several regional parks which are strewn with hiking trails of varying degrees of difficulty. Witty’s Lagoon Park is one of these jewels, containing habitat ranging from meadow to forest, salt marsh to sandy beach. Swimming in the lagoon is lovely as the tide rises over sun warmed sand raising the temperature of the water so that even those who wouldn’t normally brave the chilly ocean – can!

Matheson Lake Park is another large park in Metchosin, and here you may swim and picnic, or cast a line after one of the rainbow trout with which the lake is stocked. There are unending trails including the famous Galloping Goose which passes through the park on its way to Sooke and the adjacent Roche Cove Regional Park. Or travel the other direction on the Goose, it passes through several municipalities and links with other trail systems that eventually lead all the way out to the tip of the Saanich Peninsula!

Metchosin is a popular place for birdwatchers because there are wildlife sanctuaries like Witty’s Lagoon, Devonian Regional Park and Albert Head Lagoon where an astonishing variety of migrating birds stop to rest before attempting to cross the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Think about Metchosin if you are considering a move to the Greater Victoria area, especially if you like rural atmosphere! As they like to say here – many are called…but
few are Metchosin!

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