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The White Heather Tea Room in Victoria BC

What could be more ‘Victorian’ than visiting a tearoom?  Very little, I say!  Victoria BC is steeped (pun intended) in British tradition and there are several establishments serving an authentic tea service.  Tourists and people who are living in Victoria, me included, love to stop for a cuppa and delicious fresh-made goodies at the White Heather Tea Room, where you can enjoy a truly proper afternoon tea.

The atmosphere at the White Heather is not at all stuffy, but warmly welcoming and the staff are genuinely enthusiastic about the teas and victuals they are serving.  The selection of tea is excellent and if you are unsure about what you would like your server is quite capable and happy to describe the different blends.

The food is absolutely amazing, with traditional tea sandwiches, scones and fresh baked goods just as delicious as you would expect.  They make it all in-house, including the preserves and pride themselves on the quality they offer their guests.  Try the Big Muckle Tea for Two – I’ll bet you will be taking some of it home, the portions are VERY generous!

If you are moving to Victoria, already living here or just visiting, make sure you check out the White Heather Tea Room for a taste of Victorian tradition.

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