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On the Water | Outdoor Activities in Victoria BC

Part 1:  Salt Water Recreation

Obviously, surrounded by ocean as we are here in Victoria, there are loads of opportunities for outdoor activities that are “on the water”.  And due to our temperate climate people living in Victoria are able to participate in these outdoor recreation pastimes pretty much throughout the year.

Because our island home is snugged up to the BC coastline, and possesses a particularly fissured and furrowed character, there are a lot of very protected waters around us.  This makes it possible for people to get out on (or into) the water almost anytime.  Of course if you are looking for some adventure, the west side of the island can offer a wild and wooly ride.

Saltwater fishing is one of the most popular outdoor activities on the chuck, just make sure to follow all of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans regulations or risk confiscation of your boat and equipment – Yikes!

Sailing, sea kayaking and canoeing are other outdoor recreational activities also enjoyed by many who are living in Victoria.

There are some hardy souls who enjoy swimming in the ocean, but for most the waters around Victoria are too chilly.  Certain beaches can provide warmer conditions on a hot summer day, as the tide comes in over sun-warmed sand; try Island View Beach on the Saanich Peninsula, Willows Beach in Oak Bay, or Witty’s Lagoon in Metchosin, to name a few.

The waters around Vancouver Island offer some of the best scuba diving you’ll find anywhere in the world.  Close to Victoria there are superb sites to experience incredible marine diversity including:

  • Race Point;
  • Swordfish Island;
  • Ten Mile Point;
  • Ogden Point;
  • Wreck of the S.F. Tolmie;
  • Saxe Point;
  • Clover Point;
  • Spring Bay;
  • Brotchie Ledge;
  • Discovery Island, and
  • Strongtide Island

The Greater Victoria area is surely a desirable home for those who like to live on the water (or in it).  Few locations across Canada can offer such diversity of outdoor activites on the ocean throughout the calendar year.

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