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Victoria Shamrocks

The Victoria Shamrocks have been providing Victoria with exciting sports entertainment since 1950.  This long running box lacrosse team plays in the Western Lacrosse Association and has claimed 8 Mann Cup championships over their 60 year run.

Many local professional or senior “A“ sports franchises have come and gone since the Shamrocks first played in the Memorial Arena, but this team has endured.  Operating continuously since their inception, the Shamrocks have contributed greatly to the popularity of lacrosse in Victoria, and continue to inspire young players today.

In 1999, when Sports Illustrated Magazine published it`s list of the 50 greatest Canadian athletes of the 20th century, two of the three Victoria athletes honoured were former Shamrocks: superstar twins Paul and Gary Gait.

As well as their Mann Cup victories, the Victoria Shamrocks have won:

  • 17 provincial championships;
  • Produced the league scoring champion in 14 seasons, and
  • 18 league playoff MVPs.

Impressive yes, but what has endeared this team to the people of Victoria is their involvement with minor lacrosse and the way they have represented our city and the game of lacrosse over the years.  Fans here are knowledgeable about the game, and fiercely loyal to the Shamrocks.

The Victoria Shamrocks now play out of Bear Mountain Arena; their season runs from May through August.  If you are looking for some high calibre sports entertainment in Victoria, they`re just the ticket!

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