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Municipality of Metchosin: Neighbourhoods, Schools & More

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Metchosin is a rural municipality of Victoria included in the umbrella of Western Communities, located south of Colwood and east of Sooke, occupying the southernmost point of Vancouver Island. If you're on a quest to become more self sufficient,…

The Burgeoning West Shore

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The West Shore is a family friendly waterfront community consisting of the municipalities of Colwood, Langford, View Royal, Metchosin and The Highlands. This area has been leading the Capital Regional District’s population growth, with Langford…

Witty’s Lagoon Regional Park

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School is almost out and it’s high time for some unstructured play and summer relaxation.  One of my favourite local destinations is Witty’s Lagoon Regional Park in Metchosin.  Located off Metchosin Road, the park offers: Excellent…


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There’s more than one way to get back to the land, maybe gardening and animal husbandry aren’t your thing. There are many other opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors in Metchosin, check out the local golf courses, or sports facilites…