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Rave Victoria

If you’re interested in connecting with the best electronic music in Victoria, check out the website Rave Victoria.  There is a huge community of fans of electronic music and a busy calendar of events to entertain people living in Victoria.

The site features listings of parties, some at venues like;

  • The Sunset Room;
  • Hush, and
  • Lucky Bar.

Others in interesting sounding places like:

  • Outdoors, north of Duncan;
  • One hour north of Victoria, and
  • Qualicum, outdoors.

Directions to these events are usually disseminated just prior, through media like Twitter, Facebook, and cel phone.

There are links on Rave Victoria where you can download music, or connect with music labels, producers and music stores that support electronic music.  There are informational links like:

Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music, where you can sample a myriad of micro-genres and become an electronic music expert, and

IslandKidz, a group of volunteers dedicated to keeping people safe at rave events.  They will set up a table and give out health and safety information, free condoms, candy and earplugs.  This harm reduction group also offers pill testing to help people avoid accidental overdose or taking something adulterated.

There are forums labelled:

  • General – to discuss issues relating to electronic music culture;
  • Music – where you can share your favorite producers, DJs, tracks, albums, websites and post and read reviews of new releases, and
  • Ride – to connect people who want to share rides to parties, or who just need a ride somewhere.

Rave Victoria is arguably the most comprehensive source for listings and info about the electronic music community and events in Victoria, so if you’re looking for some entertainment and you like electronic music, check it out!

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