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Now that you’re convinced that Saanich is the place to be – you will want to know exactly where can I find the type of home I am looking for? Saanich is a large municipality, with some 35 distinct neighborhoods, each with its own personality and attributes.

Some neighborhoods are very rural, with country residential homes, small acreages and hobby farms. It’s fantastic to find this sort of property so close to the city, the neighborhoods where you will find these types of properties include:

  • Elk Lake;
  • West Saanich;
  • Prospect Lake;
  • Beaver Lake, and
  • Granville.

Other neighborhoods are mixed, containing suburban developments as well as small acreages or country residential homes, you’ll find this in:

  • Royal Oak;
  • Strawberry Vale;
  • Cordova Bay, and
  • Blenkinsop.

Estate properties can be found throughout Saanich, but often they are on or near the ocean and some beautiful properties can be found in the neighborhoods of:

  • Queenswood;
  • Ten Mile Point;
  • Cadboro Bay;
  • Arbutus;
  • Gordon Head;
  • Mount Doug, and
  • Portage Inlet.

Of course these neighborhoods also contain other types of housing such as regular and upscale single family homes, and more frequently new townhome developments and condos. Some neighborhoods are undergoing redevelopment as older post war housing is being replaced by new single family homes or townhouse/condo developments.

The point being that regardless of the type of home you’re looking for, you can probably find many choices within this municipality. Saanich offers such diversity in housing, few locations in the Greater Victoria area can match Saanich for variety!

Geoff McLean

Geoff is an established real estate professional whose years of experience have earned him numerous awards and accolades. He has been one of the top RE/MAX Realtors in the Victoria (BC) area since 1990, a Victoria Real Estate Board MLS Gold Award winner for more than 36 years, and has won many other awards over the years. What do these awards mean to you? They mean that Geoff works hard and that he produces consistently. He is well connected in the industry and in the community. Connect with Geoff via email

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