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Mount Wells Regional Park in Victoria BC

Mount Wells Regional Park sits just a half hour drive west of Victoria, yet this regional park is the gateway to the Sooke Hills Regional Park Reserve, the largest regional park in the area, covering 4100 hectares of land.

These parks are part of the Sea to Sea Green Blue Belt, a corridor of protected natural areas linking the Juan de Fuca Strait in the west to Saanich Inlet in the east.  Mount Wells Park is 123 hectares of rugged wilderness, with a challenging trail leading to a summit at 352m from which you can see the Strait of Juan de Fuca, the Sooke Hills, Victoria and the Sea to Sea Green Blue Belt.

The ecosystems within Mount Wells include coniferous forest and Garry Oak meadows, where during spring you may see drifts of delicate wildflowers, please stay on the trails at all times to preserve these fragile plants.  Wildlife in the park includes several species of raptor as well as many other birds, black-tailed deer, red squirrels and cougar (though you’re not likely to see one).

How to Get to Mount Wells Regional Park

Take the Trans-Canada Highway from Victoria turning left on West Shore Parkway then turn right on Amy Road. Turn left on Sooke Lake Road and left again on Humpback Road. At the Irwin Road intersection, keep to the right.  You will see the park entrance on your right.  Mt Wells is an excellent place for hikers who are looking for a bit of a challenge in their outdoor activity.

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