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This sheltered harbour, once remote from Victoria, has retained an atmosphere that is decidedly rural and very “west coast”, with a strong arts community, and rapidly developing adventure tourism industry.

People who choose to live in Sooke are pleased to find property values that are significantly lower than in Victoria, allowing them to purchase much more home than they could in the city.  This developing town has reasonably priced condominiums, townhomes and suburban homes for first time buyers and cash strapped families who may not be able to purchase a home elsewhere.

For some, price is less of an issue than privacy, and Sooke has much to offer; there are rural properties, hobby farms, estate properties and waterfront or waterview properties.  Those who need to find some solitude will surely be able to find a home here that fulfills that need, at almost any price point!

Even if privacy is not your main concern, you may just want a little peace and quiet, and the freedom to pursue your occupation or hobbies with relative independence, and this is Sooke’s forte.  The community here is supportive of individualism and allows for a wide range of lifestyles without interference or judgement.

Sooke was once reputed to be a bit wild and woolly, a place where people could let loose and get away with it, and though it has subsided, it is this attitude of acceptance that makes Sooke such a great place to live.  As long as you respect your neighbours’ differences, they will extend the same courtesy to you, a message of tolerance that is sorely lacking in some places.

The natural beauty found in the forests and on the waterfront, the reasonable property values, and the liberty to be who you are all set Sooke apart from other regions in the Greater Victoria area.  Perhaps it’s the right place for you!

Geoff McLean

Geoff is an established real estate professional whose years of experience have earned him numerous awards and accolades. He has been one of the top RE/MAX Realtors in the Victoria (BC) area since 1990, a Victoria Real Estate Board MLS Gold Award winner for more than 36 years, and has won many other awards over the years. What do these awards mean to you? They mean that Geoff works hard and that he produces consistently. He is well connected in the industry and in the community. Connect with Geoff via email

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