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Military Relocation

Female Veterans of Canada

by Jodi Baker November 10, 2015

Victoria BC is well known for having a largely female population, we recently mentioned that Victoria took the #1 spot nationwide for the title of ‘Best City in Canada for Women‘. Female Canadian Veterans While we identify with women living in Victoria, when it comes to Canadian veterans, even in this city, the stereotype is […]

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Moving from Vancouver to Victoria BC

by McLean Real Estate Group September 4, 2015

Vancouver is a Wonderful City … But! Please don’t get the wrong idea! Vancouver wins plenty of awards and earns more than it’s fair share of international acclaim for doing many things well including hosting events like the Olympics/International Expos/World Cup/etc.. Heck, in most areas where Victoria is #1 in Canada/Internationally Vancouver is usually close […]

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Tim Hortons Near CFB Esquimalt

by McLean Real Estate Group February 26, 2014

Here’s some critically important information for military personnel who are newly transferred to CFB Esquimalt in Victoria BC.  Heck, this is important to anyone who is moving to Victoria!  I mean really, on your first day in a new city what do you need? Coffee!  And since you’re Canadian, you probably need Tim Hortons coffee. […]

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Yachting in Victoria BC

by Jodi Baker April 13, 2012

      Yachting; the very word conjures up the fresh scent of salt air, the sound of snapping sails and visions of sunlight on sparkling water.  Perched on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, Victoria BC offers ample opportunities to get out on the water, and boasts no less than three yachting organizations.   […]

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MLS Statistics for Esquimalt and View Royal

by hwilde January 31, 2012

MLS statistics for Esquimalt and View Royal reveal opportunities for first time homebuyers to get into the market with some reasonably priced townhomes and condos.  And these municipalities are very well located adjacent to the city of Victoria. So people who are taking their first leap into home ownership CAN find affordable homes in Victoria […]

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Moving to Victoria BC for Military Relocation

by McLean Real Estate Group November 22, 2011

If you’ve been posted to CFB Esquimalt and are looking forward to moving to Victoria BC for military relocation, we’d like to welcome you!  We’re sure you’ll enjoy living in Victoria, one of the most beautiful cities in Canada, with a lovely temperate climate, plenty of recreational opportunities and friendly people. You’re probably aware of […]

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Military Relocation – Community information for CFB Esquimalt

by McLean Real Estate Group January 23, 2011

A military relocation to CFB Esquimalt means you will need information about the community to which you are going to move.  Depending on your housing needs and budget, you might be moving into military housing (there are 709 military housing units nearby), or you may want to rent or buy a home in the Greater […]

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Military Relocation – Transferred from CFB Esquimalt?

by Jodi Baker January 18, 2011

If a military relocation means you are being transferred from CFB Esquimalt, or if you are retiring from military life, you have a busy transition ahead of you. Moving always comes with a set of challenges and a military move is no exception. If you are leaving town and have some Victoria real estate for […]

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Military Relocation – Posted to CFB Esquimalt?

by McLean Real Estate Group January 13, 2011

Have you been posted to CFB Esquimalt?  Welcome to the Greater Victoria area!  Your military relocation has brought you to one of the best places to live in the world.  Okay we are a little biased, but it really is a nice place to live.  Whether you are going to live in military housing or […]

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by McLean Real Estate Group June 4, 2010

Despite its small size (just over 7 km2) Esquimalt possesses all the amenities you would expect to find in a city. This is mostly because this municipality is limited in size by its geography – it’s practically an island! Only a strip of land connects Esquimalt and View Royal. Of course this means Esquimalt has […]

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